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talkBIM was pleased to be the feature of a recent posting by the Deakin School of Architecture and Built Environment.

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Building Information Modeling

The School of Architecture and Built Environment teams with industry to host a series of free BIM evenings. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the way of the future in both the architecture and construction management industries. BIM is a process involving the creation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of a building. The resulting building information model become a source of knowledge to support decision-making about a building from earliest conceptual stages, through the design and construction phase, through the buildings operational life and its eventual demolition.


talkBIM in a non-for profit organisation founded by Deakin University to promote BIM and educate both students and industry about the process advantages and technology changes. talkBIM is Deakin Universities way of embracing the BIM movement and implementing the new technologies that accompany this process change.

BIM seminars

There have been a series of BIM seminars throughout 2014, BIM without Boarders, Built BIM and Backyard BIM with more to come.
The idea behind these free BIM events is to unite students, academics and industry in a relaxed environment showcasing local talent and projects across the built environment. The seminars are aimed to be informal yet informative with sponsored networking opportunities after the event.

The first seminar, ‘BIM Without Borders’ ran in January with Deakin researchers Charmaine and Matt joined by Warrnambool ex-pat and BIM software developer Jon Mirtschin. The focus was on Worldly BIM and presenters shared their experiences of BIM practice from the USA, London, China, Vietnam, Denmark and South Africa and Australia.  Jon Mirtschin wrapped up the evening outlining some of the features of the newly released IFC4 and various tools which utilise the standard for information and geometry exchange.

Then there was “BuiltBIM” that was held in March and attracted 65 attendees, many being students with a thirst for BIM knowledge (and beers).Charmaine and Matt were joined by industry experts including John Lucchetti from Wood and Grieve Engineers, and Nick O’Brien (a Deakin alumni) and Josh Kates from Sefaira.
The use of BIM by local architects Third Ecology was showcased. Demonstrations of Sefaira’s environmental analysis tool and the use of laser scanning by AAM Geospatial Services highlighted how BIM can be augemented and integrated fully through design and construction.
As an indication of the local and international support DeakinBIM has received to date, all participants were amongst the first in the world to received the first edition of
the B1Mmail.

The most recent talkBIM event, ‘Backyard BIM’ was held in May and addressed a more local and industry focus audience. The event was sponsored by Autodesk Education and both Cotton On Group and GHD shared in their knowledge and experiences in BIM on local projects such as store fit outs and the Leopold Community Hub.

Stay tuned

Stay tuned to upcoming BIM events through talkBIM at Deakin contact:


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