Our next Top BIMmodel. Vote now for the Tekla ANZ BIM Awards.

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Voting closes 24th August, 2014

talkBIM supporter and sponsor Pacific Computing is pleased to announce that voting is now open for the ANZ Tekla BIM awards.

Make your contribution to ANZ BIM by voting for your favorite entry here.  Have your say on who you think should take home the trophies! The winners will be decided by your vote.



As always, Tekla has been used on a variety of projects from bridges to buildings and sheds to stadiums. Each project presents the versatility of Tekla software.

Use of Tekla BIM software affects landscapes around the world. We would like to express our appreciation towards your work and share your success stories worldwide. Participating in a Tekla BIM Awards is a great way to gain publicity for your company, especially if you win! The competition gains more media exposure and becomes more popular each year. The Tekla BIM Awards is held in four categories: steel, cast in place, precast and student. All winners will be automatically entered into the Tekla Global BIM Awards competition. The global winners will be decided by a jury consisting of leading BIM experts inside and outside Tekla.

Vote now


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