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talkBIM_logo_PPT  is very glad to be able to announce that the official MELBIM, BIM User Group for Melbourne, has finally been launched. See the new website for details of the very first event to be held this month on February 24th at RMIT.

Charmaine and I are glad that this important piece of the national BIM dialogue has been established, and are happy to have kept the BIMchairs warm for you all.

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Steel not convinced? talkBIM featured in AISD news!


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talkBIM_logo_PPT  is a non for profit group run by BIMmer’s for BIMmer’s. It has been established to talk about everything BIM for both education and industry participants.

Oh, and to drink #BIMbeer.


talkBIM at Deakin University

Deakin Univeristy’s School of Architecture and Built Environment in Geelong teams with industry to “talkBIM” by hosting a series of free BIM evenings.

Deakin researcher Charmaine Ferguson and Melbourne BIM  identity & exponent Matt Rumbelow have joined forces to present a series of BIM seminars throughout 2014.

The idea behind these free BIM events is to unite students, academics and industry in a relaxed environment showcasing local talent and projects across the built environment. The seminars are aimed to be informal yet informative with sponsored networking opportunities after the event.

The first seminar, ‘BIM Without Borders’ ran in January with Charmaine and Matt joined by Warrnambool ex-pat and international BIM software developer Jon Mirtschin. The focus was on Worldly BIM and presenters shared their experiences of BIM practice from the USA, London, China, Vietnam, Denmark and South Africa and Australia.  Jon Mirtschin wrapped up the evening outlining some of the features of the newly released IFC4 and various tools which utilise the standard for information and geometry exchange.

The second event “BuiltBIM” was held in March and attracted 65 attendees, many being students with a thirst for BIM knowledge (and beers). All attendees were amongst the first in the world to received the first edition of The B1Mmail.

Charmaine showcased the use of BIM by local architects Third Ecology and was joined by industry experts including John Lucchetti (Deakin alumni) from Wood and Grieve Engineers, and Nick O’Brien (Deakin alumni) and Josh Kates from Sefaira.

Matt demonstrated the use of laser scanning by AAM Geospatial Services highlighted how BIM can be augmented and integrated fully through design and construction.

The most recent event, “BackyardBIM”, was held in May. Over 50 attendees were present to hear from local BIM exponents Dean Wearne & Katherine Voyage from National firm GHD talk about their use of Revit and Autodesk BIM solutions on a local community project.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation from Cotton:ON, a Geelong local and now international retailing success story who have embraced BIM to ensure efficient and coordinated opening of stores as far away as South Africa, Hong Kong and Brazil. This presentation along with the three preceding sessions are now hosted on the talkBIM website.

Thankyou to all who have been involved in the past BIM events at Deakin, your time and support is greatly appreciated. Because of the great interest of these events, ‘talkBIM -Geelong & Beyond’ has now been incorporated to run more events and even BIM competitions involving all levels and disciplines of BIM. If you are interested in presenting or supporting upcoming talkBIM events please contact either Charmaine or Matt.

Charmaine Ferguson -charmaine.ferguson@deakin.edu.au

Matt Rumbelow – matt@revitall.net

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