BeforeBIM: November 19



What was life like BeforeBIM?  How on earth did things get built?

And what can history teach us about life AfterBIM?

BeforeBIM Agenda

5.00 pm – 5.30pm Arrival and Registration

5.30 pm – 5.40pm Welcome and Introduction

Matt Rumbelow & Charmaine Ferguson

5.40pm – 6.00pm Dr Jane Burry (Associate Professor)
Spatial information Architecture Laboratory (SIAL)

6.00pm – 6.15pm Matt Rumbelow

6.15pm – 6.45pm Brenton Dodd, Manager AEC & Kingsley Edgar, Technical Services Engineer
Dassault Systemes /  memko

Dassault Systemes developed their first 3D design and CAD more than twenty years ago and have been delivering the equivalent of BIM (digital mock-up and product lifecycle management) for the Aerospace and Automotive industries for decades.  Following on this foundation and with clients such as Frank Gerhy and RMIT SIAL, Dassault has recently configured their platform for the AEC industry, providing a true 3D collaboration software suite that can support design to fabrication and construction on a single interface.  MEMKO is Dassault Systemes’ preferred solutions partner  for Australia & New Zealand design and construction segment, and will highlight the path from those early days in aerospace/automotive through to the latest AEC capabilities, including an international case study.

6.45pm – 7.15pm Philip Shanks, Operations Manager,
Steelcad Drafting Pty Ltd

Over the last 20-30 years, Philip Shanks has been a key part of the change towards the “virtual building” age we are now experiencing. Much has changed but many things are still the same. Are we any better off with technology? It is a question many  ask  when we see some of the apparent chaos caused by modern technology or perhaps better put – the misuse of technology. The aim of this presentation is to highlight key milestones of change in the history of steel detailing and to focus on some of the practices being used today – both good and bad. Philip maintains there is a clear need to review workflows and processes within the design sector at large to enable projects to be delivered cost effectively and to allow design to flow more fluidly from concept to construct.

7.15 pm – 7.45pm Luke Johnston
IGS BIM Content Creation | Specification Strategy


Luke Johnston is a co-owner of IGS and has over 10 years experience working in sales and marketing positions with Building Product Manufacturers (BPM’s). Luke has taken a particular interest in the AEC industry’s adoption of BIM and the key role that BPM’s can play in advancing collaborative processes. There is great opportunity at present for BPM’s to adapt their sales and marketing strategies accordingly in a way that is more conducive to operating in a BIM project environment, ultimately improving the accuracy, clarity and diversity of product information.  Luke’s presentation will discuss and compare the way product information was communicated with project stakeholders in a pre-BIM environment (pre-CAD, 2D, 3D) with current and future communication opportunities derived from BIM workflows. BIM has the potential revolutionise the way information and product data is exchanged between BPM’s and project stakeholders, but is it? Is the industry benefiting from the new ways that products may be promoted, documented and procured for projects?

8.00 pm – #BIMBeers with thanks Dassault Systemes /  memko



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Deakin Melbourne City Centre

The Melbourne City Centre (MCC) is located on the 3rd Floor of the Deloitte Building, 550 Bourke Street in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

3rd Floor, Deloitte Building,
550 Bourke Street



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